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Kai's Reflections

Title: Kai's Reflections
Series: Mahou Sentai Magiranger, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Spoilers: Through episode 3 of Gokaiger
Summary: Kai reflects the past after giving the okay to the Gokaigers.
Rating: PG to PG-13 for talk of past, near deaths, and risks taken

Kai walked away from the cliff, feeling the emptiness that Flagel always left when the fire saint left. It would haunt him for a time until he could forget about it again.

What could he do to forget? Perhaps he could go back to working on the road between realms? It always needed repair...

The rocks of the tunnels were almost always falling to the floor below. They were always losing workers because of how heavy some of the rocks were. On several occasions even Nigh and Mae had gotten hurt. Sphinx informed Kai that the two were not longer to be on the site and he agreed to it. However once it had been finished, Sphinx told him to go home.

But how could he go back to the life he once knew after spending so much time building that road? That road... It had been a part of him for part of this life... That place... The people and creatures he met...

He turned back toward the ocean and watched as MagiGokaiOh became GokaiOh, then become five vehicles before four of them returned into the ship - the GokaiGalleon. His eyes watered softly. He remembered the feeling of power, and it wasn't so long ago either.

How did their story end up that of legends within a matter of days?

A matter of days after the Great War and they had become nothing more than legends. No one knew or cared who the people really were anymore. They were those heroes of the past and someone had gained their powers and hadn't even known how to used them properly. He was lucky that AkaRed got to him and the other surviving teams when he did. These new guys didn't have a clue.

The former red watched as the GokaiGalleon sailed off. He stared at his calloused hand as he remembered what he had told them, told Don.

Courage. Courage was what had made the Magirangers who they were. It had been what gave them their power, their strength. So why was it that now he didn't have that courage to move forward? Why couldn't he find it in his heart to go back to a normal life?

"I'm not the same. I'm not who I was back then," he whispered to himself, clinching his hand to a fist, "I should be stronger. So why aren't I?"

"Because you're still young," a strong voice came from behind him. The young Ozu turned toward the direction of the voice.

On the edge of the forested area stood seven people. It has been a long time since he had seen some of them last, others not quite as long. He knew their faces as he knew his own. They were his team, his family. It didn't matter if it was by blood or marriage, they carried his same name - Ozu.

In the front stood his father and his teacher - the saints Blagel and Sungel respectively. His eyes watered more at the memories. The family had nearly lost them after the fight. Using all their power to defeat the small army that had attacked had nearly killed them. However, because Magiel had known the family for so long and knew the sadness that would be there, she was able to spare some of her power for them and save their lives. Unfortunately until their power was regained, they were to remain in the human realm.

The Ozu family had been the lucky ones, unlike the angels who they had fought side by side with.

The five had only just gained the title of "angel" when they gave their and their lives. The angels themselves had said that if they were to give all their power, they were to lose their lives. Apparently most had almost done it just days before, their red having stopped them.

It had hurt everyone to see the five fall after they had given their powers. It ached to watch them laying there, struggling for their last moments. Their comrade, with the last of his energy, had placed them into a deep slumber and they were taken to Magitopia since there was no one to take them to the realm of angels. They were to be watched over until such a time that they would regain their powers, but it hurt to watch them fight for their lives. It was all they could do, though. It was all any of the teams could do.

"Kai," a young woman beside Sungel spoke, "come on now."

She wore light blue and her hair was back in a ponytail. If one didn't look close enough, they wouldn't see the very slight rounding of her stomach. Tears finally spilled he started to think about how they had been close to losing not only her husband, but the risk she had taken with the unborn child she carried. This was one of the few reasons why he was glad that the new team's blue was male. This way they wouldn't have to worry about things like that, though they would have to watch their yellow and especially their pink.

The two colors in question of his team just stared at him, the yellow's hair pulled back and in cornrows and the pink's hair short and almost cropped. If they weren't blood already, they would have made an interesting couple. But no, yellow was a professional lightweight boxer - a champion at that. Pink was trying to find someone to marry, not having even tried to give one guy another chance yet - she probably never would.

An older woman in white stood by a young man in green. It made him smile to see both of them, and they smiled at seeing him. It was a sight to behold and a wanted sight at that, a needed sight. His heart had ached to see them both, the male having traveled the world for a while now and the woman being the one he felt so close to. She was someone he would give his everything to protect, not wanting what happened before to ever happen again.

"Kai, you still have much to learn. We can all use only minimal magics, but at least we can still teach and train," the man from before - Blagel, his father - spoke.

"While it's all we can do, it's what we can do to keep ourselves ready for when it's our turn to call up our own weapons once more," Sungel, his family's teacher/husband/friend, added, "So let's go home."

"Besides," his mother spoke, "Urara needs to get home and rest, especially with the little one on the way."

"'Kaa-san," the girl in question spoke, blushing softly as she gripped onto the arm of Sungel's human form, "I'm fine. I'm not tired in the least."

"Urara, listen, to 'kaa-san," the green spoke, obviously worried for his sister, "after all, the battle wasn't so very long ago."

"I know, Makito, but still. I'm alright."

"Whatever, can we go home now?" the young man in yellow groaned.

"Yeah! What Tsubasa said! Can we go home?" agreed the pink, "Besides, I have a date in a couple hours and I want to be ready."

"You always have a date in a couple hours, Houka," Makito chuckled some.

"That is true, Houka," their mother spoke, "When are you going to settle down?"

"I... I'm just not ready yet," Houka pouted, causing everyone to laugh.

Kai smiled softly, wiping his stray tears away. This was the family he knew. This was the family he loved. He was going to have to go through a bit of work to get anywhere near normality, much like his father had and still was going through. However, he knew that he was in good hands with those kind hearts that surrounded him.

He took large steps toward his family to get over the rocks around the ocean ledges. As he made his way toward them, he smirked a little before asking...

"You think that Ban-san or Shiba-san would be willing to help with some of the weapons training?"

All his father did was smile.


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