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Searching for the Lost

Title: Searching for the Lost
Series: Kamen Rider W, Kamen Rider Decade
Universe: Find Me Again
Characters: Daiki, Shoutarou, Philip, Fuuto police
Rating: PG-13 for safety's sake
Summary: Upon reaching the site of the attacks in Fuuto, Daiki and Shoutarou find some unexpected evidence as to where Decade could be.

“This is the place where they were last seen,” the officer spoke.

Shoutarou and Daiki looked around. The area was showing several signs of destruction, as well as their sources. The two riders were quiet as their gaze crossed over the scene before them.

“The most recent? Are you sure of this?” the detective questioned.

“Happened a few hours ago. Was taped off as soon as we got here.”

Daiki slowly made his way around the taped off “crime” scene. Looking around at each spot, he knew what creature from which world attacked where. There was Imagin sand by a wall. Some molted skin from a Worm lay in the middle of the street. By the sand was the blood of an Undead on a wall corner. A couple of innocent bistanders lay transparent on the ground, their clothes not falling through their fragile forms until they were touched.

Shoutarou took several pictures of the place. Philip would need to see these if he would be able to understand what was going on. It really was a disaster zone. The bad part about it was that at the moment, it was really the only clue to finding Tsukasa.

“You find anything else around here?” the young man asked.

“Now that you mention it, there were some strange people in black and white costumes running around,” the police chief answered, “They would salute like the Nazis used to and screech for no reason.”

DiEnd's rider froze. Black and white costumes? Screeching for what seemed like no reason? He knew that something wasn't right. Dai Shocker shouldn't even exist anymore.

Shoutarou noticed.

“Hey Daiki! You find something?” he called.

The treasure hunter looked over at his comrade. How could he say something? And in front of civillians too?

“No,” he lied, “I thought I saw something. Just my imagination.”

“You sure? When you're a detective, you can't overlook anything.”

“I didn't see-” He fell silent.


The person in question was gazing at a wall. His eyes were huge and nearly glazed over as his breathing was hitched. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

“Daiki, what is it?” Shoutarou called again. He moved over to where the DiEnd driver's wielder stood. Daiki pointed and the detective followed the direction. His jaw dropped.

It wasn't possible.

On the wall, just inside of an alley, was a brightly emblazened double-headed eagle. On the chest of the eagle were three letters. Three letters that they wished to never see again.


Almost instantly. Shoutarou's phone rang. He quickly answered it. He didn't have to ask who it was.

I'm here, Philip.”

<<Shoutarou,>> the Cyclone half of W spoke, <<please tell me that you're joking.>>

You got all of the pictures.” It wasn't a question.

<<I did and from what I see, this is impossible. Especially with what Kaitou-san told us and what I know of the other worlds. This can't be right.>>

I'm looking at proof right now. It's here in front of me. It's still running strong.”

The DiEnd user felt his blood run cold. It was like he was being watched. He wasn't sure by what or by who, but he could feel it.

Glancing around he searched for the source. Where was it? Who was it coming from? It couldn't-

Daiki gazed at a rooftop nearby. He took the camera from a busy Shoutarou. He zoomed in as far as he could. A click from the camera was heard before he sunk to his knees. His eyes were pained.

Shoutarou looked oddly at him. What was wrong with this guy?

<<Shoutarou, could you hold on for a moment?>>

Yeah, sure Philip.”

The line went silent for a while before a beep was heard from his phone. Shoutarou blinked.


<<Did you take this Shoutarou?>>

Eh?” the detective brought the phone out. He looked at the photo, his eyes widening again.

In the picture, it was revealed there was a man on top of a building. He wore a black leather outfit with magenta trim. The hair was somewhat curled as it fell slightly into his face. It seemed as thought he was staring at them.

It's him,” Daiki whispered, his voice hoarse, “It... It's him.”

Tsukasa?” the Joker half questioned.

He's not in control...” was the soft reply, “It's the Great Leader.”



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