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Preventing a Disappearance, Part 2

Title: Preventing a Disappearance, Part 2
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Section: After the Tower of Rem
Character Focus: Luke, Jade
Summary: A discovery is made that could deal more harm than good.

The small group remained in the lobby of the inn that they were staying at. They were worried for their friend that lay in one of the rooms. Jade was with the doctor in order to make sure that procedures were being preformed correctly.

Jade, however, didn't need to be present for the examination. The physician knew what he was doing. The former fomicry scientist wanted to be sure though. His worry for the young teen-like replica was evident. He shouldn't have collapsed like he did. Was there something else that was wrong which he didn't take into account?

Luke lay prone on the feather mattress. Sweat drenched his skin and his breathing was ragged. Whimpers and groans left his lips. His body was tense and trembling. It was obvious, this much was true -

Luke was worse off than he let on.

As the doctor finished he wrote down some notes. He then moved over to Jade, speaking quietly.

"Colonel Curtiss, you were aware of his risk of disappearing soon?"

Jade nodded. "Yes."

"You understand that this process has been increased recently."

"Yes and I am deeply ashamed that he has used so many fonic arte techniques as of late."

The doctor sighed, then looked to the scientist. "Did you know he was carrying an infection that's causing him to feel the separation of the fonons?"

The colonel's eyes widened greatly. "What? That's actually possible?"

The physician handed the sheet of parchment he had been writing on. "Someone must have learned a fonic arte which has the ability to perform such an act."

"The Oracle Knights." It wasn't a question, "Or rather, those that remain."

"More than likely. It will have to run it's course, since it will remove itself. He'll recover, however..."

"The damage will have already been done."


Jade looked over to the young replica. He felt for him, having been the victim of an infected fon slot once before. It was painful to watch as how the boy himself was practically a living fon slot.

"Oh Luke..." the colonel uttered softly, "What have you gotten yourself into now?"


The person in question looked over to the door. Tear stood there, worry written on her face as she took a shaky step forward.

"We won't be able to do much traveling for at least a few days, maybe a week," he informed her, the doctor nodding his agreement.

"How's the separation rate of the fonons?"

"Truth be told," the doctor informed them, "with this fonic arte-based infection as well as the number of fonic artes that he's used in battle it's relatively slow at the moment. However the process has been sped up because of both causes."

"What do you prescribe that we do?" Jade inquired.

"Plenty of rest, do not let him out of this bed for any reason other than bathroom trips. Do not allow him to do any strenuous activities. It will not only help him to get better, but it will slow the process. As will this." The physician handed Tear a bottle of pills.

"Give him these he'll survive until the final battle, correct?" the Yulian descendant questioned.

"Yes. But make sure he rests as much as he can."

Tear and Jade gave their thanks to the doctor before moving over to the bed where the young Fabre boy lay. They'd look after him, they would have to. Especially since they were half of the people who knew the truth behind Luke being unwell.



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