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Agent Perry's Dream Come True

Title: Agent Perry's Dream Come True
Series: Phineas and Ferb
Spoilers: Phineas and Ferb - The Movie: Across the Second Dimension
Summary: Perry gets the one wish he wanted to come true.
Rating: G, because it's Phineas and Ferb.. I mean really, it's a Disney cartoon movie...

He hadn't wanted it to happen. He could tell that Carl and Monogram hadn't wanted it to happen either. But it had to... It was the way of their agency. You can't have your family know or you'll be taken away. You might as well have been stripped of your position. He hated being the only one of his family who knew what happened that day...

He had been called in late at night again, away from his boys.

He had been having a great memory dream of the day they foiled both versions of his nemesis - the name still made him laugh a little and roll his eyes. It had been good to see his counterpart able to return to his own family after so long. It had been a dream within a dream to see everything just fall into place.

That was when his alarm had gone off. He had to leave. He didn't have a choice. His nemesis was doing some strange thing in the middle of the night and he had to leave again. Why he had started choosing the nights now, he didn't know. Perhaps it was because he had seen what the boys had meant to Perry. That had to have been the reason.

It was strange, going back to that lifestyle of secrecy. He had been so open with the boys in just that one day and then within seconds it had been taken away. For several days afterward - in which he had watched his boys create the best machines and adventures - he felt hollow. It wasn't right.

He rode down the elevator again for what seemed like the thousandth time. It always felt longer with each ride. He wanted to share that ride with boys at one point. He wanted to show them around this place, show them what he was doing for them. Because he was earning money, he had made them bank accounts. That was why they were able to build everything so extravagantly everyday. He had wanted to show them everything. But now...

As soon as the elevator hit the bottom, he went over to the chair and sat down. He gazed at the charm that still lay on the key slot. The pictures of his boys so young. When they were all so young... Right before he had become an agent. He remembered that day.

A familiar voice cleared it's throat.

He looked up at the screen. It was Monogram as it always was.

"Agent P."

He stared at the screen.

"As you recall, a few weeks ago we had to give your family and their friends amnesia."

He still stared at the screen. Of course he remembered. He couldn't forget that day. He never would.

"Well, we've pulled a few strings. You can have two people from the group remember what happened that day."

His eyes widened. What? He could really...?

"The only stipulation is that they cannot tell anyone who you are, who we are and they have to work for and with us if needed."

He knew they would agree. They were brilliant. They knew when it was right and wrong to tell secrets. They would know to keep this one safe...

Phineas woke up in the morning with a huge headache. He groaned softly as he rubbed his head and looked over. Ferb also appeared to be in a little bit of pain. But why? Why did they-

He blinked as he looked over at Perry. The platypus was standing there on his hind legs with a hat on his head. The look in his eyes was of worry. He generally seemed-

Perry... Hind legs... Little hat... Showing emotion... What... What was going...

"Perry?" Ferb spoke as he slowly stood up from the bed.

The platypus nodded, coming closer to them. He was so scared. Had he done the right thing? Did they remember?

"You're... You're still...?" Phineas started.

He was so nervous.

"Why do we still remember who you are... and you're still here?"

The platypus smiled before pressing his watch. A hologram of an older gentleman popped up and looked at the boys.

"Phineas. Ferb. Welcome to the agency. From now on, when called upon you will work with Perry - or Agent P as he's known. You already know of his nemesis, Doctor Doofenschmertz."

"Monogram," Ferb questioned, "why is it that we are allowed to know about Perry?"

"And what did Isabella mean by that kiss?" Phineas added.

Monogram and Perry looked at each other, smiles on their faces.


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